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AIM (Ticker: EXR)

Euronext Growth (Ticker: EXR)

ISIN for the ordinary shares: IEOOBGOHDR01

Share Information

Shares in issue: 290,451,146

Options & Warrants: 23,455,846

Fully Diluted: 313,556,992

Shares not in public hands: 43.65%

The Company has no shares held in treasury.

Significant Shareholders

On the basis of notifiable shareholdings declared to the company, at this time the following shareholders have declared a shareholding in excess of 3% of issued share capital. All shareholder notifications with such declarations will be promptly announced to market.

Shareholder NameNumber of shares%
Octopus Investment Limited42,747,39114.72
Enterprise Ireland18,998,7606.54
Unicorn AIM VCT Plc18,977,000 6.53
Barry Downes*13,047,2004.49
Canaccord 12,500,000 4.30
Suir Valley Ventures10,528,5803.63
Aviva plc**9,809,410 3.38


 Related Parties - Directors' Shareholdings

Shareholder NameNumber of shares%
David Whelan38,665,00013.31
Sandra Whelan38,665,00013.31
Richard Cooper1,070,4000.37
Seamus Larrissey88,0000.03

* Barry Downes is the beneficial owner of Telecommunications Research Consulting Partners Limited ("TRPCL"). In addition to being a director of TRPCL, Mr Downes is the director and sole shareholder of Road Bd Investments Unlimited Company, the holding company of TRPCL. Of the 13,047,200 shares held by Barry Downes, 2,427,200 are held by TRPCL.

** Aviva plc (Parent Company), including the following subsidiaries - Aviva Group Holdings Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of Aviva plc), Aviva Investors Holdings Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of Aviva Group Holdings Limited) and Aviva Investors Global Services Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of Aviva Investors Holdings Limited)

Statement of the Rights of Shareholders

Incorporated and registered in the Ireland with registered number 613330 and therefore the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company

Restrictions on transfer of AIM & Euronext Growth securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s AIM or Euronext Growth securities.

Page last updated: 21 September 2022